5 Reasons You Should be Making Fertilizer Teas

/5 Reasons You Should be Making Fertilizer Teas

Join in on the newest buzz surrounding fertilizer teas – and no, it’s not the kind you drink. Fertilizer tea is an easy, cost effective way to introduce healthy matter into your soil without drastically disrupting the ecosystem. The benefits stretch beyond plant nourishment and can include pathogen reduction and boosted immune systems. Check out a few of the benefits of using Spiked Soil™ fertilizers, Another Round and Bloom Booze, as teas below.

  1. Results produce rapidly.
    Another Round and Bloom Booze harness the power of mycorrhizae, a natural fungus. Mycorrhizae works by forming a symbiotic relationship with a host plant by colonizing its root system. In doing so, mycorrhizae nourishes a host plant by expanding its access to water and increasing its ability to absorb nutrients. 1 Once colonized, plants will have access to vast amounts of water and nutrients that can produce rapid results.
  2. It’s easy!
    The handcrafted Spiked Soil™ fertilizer tea recipes simplify the process by requiring just four ingredients: molasses, worm castings, Another Round or Bloom Booze and water! Creating the tea is as simple as steeping a bag of Spiked Soil™ fertilizer and worm castings in a tank of water with molasses. After 24 hours you can remove the bag and the tea is ready to be poured directly over your soil.
  3. It can protect your plant.
    Another Round and Bloom Booze combine a number of beneficial ingredients into two simple products. These products contain helpful bacteria and microbes that have the ability to purge your soil of harmful bacteria. As a result, fertilizer tea can assist in boosting your plants immune system while reducing the level of dangerous pathogens within the soil, strengthening your plant.
  4. It’s organic!
    By using Spiked Soil™ products, in addition to other organic ingredients, you will be ensuring your tea is free of harsh chemical additives that can be damaging to a thriving ecosystem.
  5. Plants yield increases.
    With increased access to water and essential nutrients, your plant(s) will see an increase in yield. After several repeated treatments of fertilizer tea on plants, root systems can show an increase in surface area and more numerous, fuller blooms that will lighten up any garden!

Adding a fertilizer tea application to your garden care regimen can help it reach its potential by providing the necessary ingredients for growth. To learn how to make a fertilizer tea with Another Round or Bloom Booze, visit the tea recipes page.