Cultivating Growth – Living Soil vs. Conventional Soil

/Cultivating Growth – Living Soil vs. Conventional Soil

The earth gives birth to all new life. Even when we consider that plants are primary producers, it is the earth that nourishes these plants and helps them to grow. Beautiful and intricate ecosystems evolved on every corner of our planet that make sure that the circle of life keeps turning.

Plants get their nutrients from the soil and are in turn eaten by herbivores, which get eaten by carnivores. When life ends the physical form gets broken down by microorganisms and the nutrients are returned to the earth to start over.

However, our modern lifestyles have put a strain on these natural systems resulting in a breakdown in the flow of nutrients from and to the earth. Soil stripped of nutrition is dead soil and is no longer fit to sustain life. We are getting back to basics and cultivating living soil to give you your best plant yield yet.

What is living soil?

Just as the name states, living soil is soil that is thriving with life. At Spiked Soil, we create soil that is teeming with microorganisms that break down organic matter to its simplest forms. These nutrients can then be absorbed by plants for healthy growth. Without the need to add anything extra, we allow the biological processes to replenish the soil with all the essential substances plants require for growth and synthesis of their food.

How is Living Soil different from Conventional Soil?

All soil starts as a great source of nutrition for primary producers. But the overuse of soil, harvesting, overgrazing by cattle, and deforestation all slowly deplete the soils rich reserve of nutrition without returning anything to it. Over time this soil becomes no longer viable and is no longer fit for cultivation.

Fun Fact: The conventional soil you purchase at the market is often dead soil that is then fed with fertilizers to eke out whatever life can be obtained from it. But this soil is not vibrant and does not yield the best produce.

What Makes Spiked Soil Special?

Spiked Soil cultivates living soil by introducing to the soil all the life forms that would naturally thrive in it. We then feed these microbes with organic material which they, in turn, break down and enrich the soil. Because we use a completely natural process the nutrients introduced into the soil are of a nature that is easily absorbed by plants. We also take care to ensure that all necessary plant nutrients are present in the soil to give you the best product.

Our cocktail of nutrients nourishes your plants in a number of ways. The soil is well aerated allowing the roots to breathe and go deeper, keeping the plants firmly grounded. The soil holds just the right amount of water keeping the plants hydrated while not drowning the roots. And finally, the plant receives everything it needs from the soil in the natural form for better absorption and assimilation. Plants grown in living soil is not only more vibrant and healthy but also tastes and smells better.