Customer Review from New Jersey

/Customer Review from New Jersey

Gardening teaches us much about success and failure, much about the need to accept there are times that our gardening efforts may not work out. Then along comes Spiked Soil™. You mean we can have more productive plants that coincide with our efforts? This is good news for those of us who love to get our hands digging into the soil.

Our experience using these products from Spiked Soil™ has given us something to look forward to each season, a better garden, living plants where we once thought impossible.

Our first time using the fertilizers, Another Round and Bloom Booze, we applied as instructed to a few blueberry plants that were not thriving at the time.

Within a couple of weeks, there was noticeable improvement in the new growth and flowering, then producing berries. It was pretty exciting. It was with enthusiasm that I shared this product with our gardening club; those who gave some of it a try had fantastic results. We were astounded, so much so, we continued to purchase these products, even late into the season.

We applied Another Round and Bloom Booze around the garden in September, late for the Northeast, to a few different plants around the garden just to experiment. The next season, for example, the catnip grew into a 4-foot bush, heavenly for my cats and the bees! Have not ever seen catnip do this! It was a sight to behold.

Another plant that received fertilizer at the end of the season was this flowering honeysuckle bush that did not thrive until after the application of Bloom Booze. Stunningly beautiful.

This is in the same raised bed with our lilac tree that went absolutely wild!

Our butcher’s broom in all her glory, just beautiful. (The year before she did not look like this at all).

Those are just a few examples. We found when the products were used on a few vegetable plants, they thrived after several weeks (for example, 5-foot fennel). Not only did they surpass in size; the health of the plants as well. The root system, the leaves all were healthy. Noticeable was the lack of certain common diseases! What surprised us the most is when we used the products at the end of the season and we noticed plants responded with new growth and blooms the following season, it was remarkable. This certainly was beyond anything we have used in our 30 years of gardening!

For those considering the purchase of these products, I would have to say these are the best we have experimented with. The results were extraordinary and a pleasant surprise. We intend to buy this product each new season; it is truly spectacular to see new life come to plants that were once struggling. Highly recommend these products to those with a passion for the garden!


Gabriella from New Jersey

Even the azaleas responded magnificently!

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