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Product Questions

A living soil is an organic growing medium that contains an abundance of beneficial microorganisms. Our proprietary blend provides a rich living environment that contributes to healthy plant growth. Learn more about living soils on our blog, The Speakeasy.

The mold is what makes Dirt Martini a living soil, consider it “proof of life.” Mold is the visible evidence of beneficial microorganisms and is also present in Another Round and Bloom Booze. Remember, mold is gold!

As we only use organic materials, we cannot guarantee you will not have pest-related issues when using our products. However, customers have reported that their plants are more resistant to pests when using Spiked Soil products. We do not currently have formal studies supporting these observations.

Spiked Soil products are made from organic materials and are currently Clean Green certified. Spiked Soil is in the process of getting other certifications and will update this section with any new organic certifications received.

Yes, our products are suitable for vegetarian use and would generally be considered suitable for vegan use. The guano in our fertilizers is ecologically harvested from caves populated by wild bats and the worm castings are harvested in a way that the preserves the living earthworms.

For maximum microbe activity, use within two years from manufacturing date stamped at the top of the bag. Poor storage and handling of products may significantly reduce microbe activity.

Do not store in direct sunlight as extreme temperatures can be reached. Covered, open air storage is acceptable.

Usage Questions

Spiked Soil believes in a simplified approach to growing and each concoction is perfectly crafted to grow the very best plants. With a well-balanced, living soil and nutrient additives for the different growth phases, there isn’t a need to buy or mix anything else.

Some plants grown indoors may need special lighting for their growing and flowering cycles. In addition, you may need to add CO2 and regulate temperatures for certain crops grown indoors. Fertilizer application rates may vary for tropical plants. Please reach out to customer support at info@spikedsoil.com if you have any questions regarding application rates.

Initially, water plants slowly and thoroughly and allow to drain. Thereafter, water when the top inch or two feels dry to the touch.

It is not necessary to flush plants when using Spiked Soil products. However, we recommend stopping fertilizer treatments three weeks before harvesting.

Generally, no. Dirt Martini is buffered to help maintain an ideal growing pH for most plants under typical conditions. If your plants require unusually high or low pH levels, or if the alkalinity of your irrigation water is high, it is recommended that you monitor the pH until you have identified the requirements for your particular growing conditions. If the pH of your water is high, it may help to look into using a reverse osmosis system.

Yes, Spiked Soil products are well-suited for most plant types and were designed for edible crops, both in the ground and container grown. Fertilizer applications may need to be adjusted for some crops depending on their nutrient requirements. Please reach out to customer support at info@spikedsoil.com if you have any questions regarding application rates.

We recommend a fresh start to optimize your grow.

Order Questions

Please email info@spikedsoil.com with any order issues.

We currently only deliver to the contiguous U.S.

Please contact info@spikedsoil.com for all bulk orders.