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Simplify your gardening process and try each of our products simultaneously! The Spiked Soil™ Home Grow Kit for three plants gives home growers all of the necessary items to successfully grow three plants, all the grower needs to do is add water, light and the seeds or plant(s). The process begins by pouring your plant a pot of Dirt Martini, step No 1. During the vegetative phase, top off with Another Round, step No 2. Complete the Spiked Soil™ cocktail by garnishing with Bloom Booze, step No 3, during the flowering phase.

Home Grow Kits are offered in 1 plant, 3 plant and 6 plant options.

Each kit includes*: Dirt Martini, Another Round, Bloom Booze, a 1 cup scoop and a grow bag and saucer for each plant.

3 Plants Grow Kit includes:

3 – 12 quart bags of Dirt Martini
2 – 1 lb. bag of Another Round
1 – 5 lb. bag of Bloom Booze
3 – 4 gallon fabric grow pots
3 – grow pot saucers
1 – 1 cup scoop

*Cost does not include shipping.

Additional information

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 15 x 22 x 15 in


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